Reactivate Inactive Customers And Generate Quick Cash Flow Increases

Reactivate inactive customers for a quick cash crunch.

You should love the Reactivate marketing strategy because of the advantage it gives you over your competition. They are almost always obsessed with the most expensive, most time consuming and difficult way to grow the cash flow of a business.

Advantage:Your business because ...

  • You found this website...and ...
  • Your competitors time, money and energy is focused constantly and tactically on the answer to one question..."How do we bring in more customers?"

    By now there should be a wide smile on your face because you can see, hear and feel how our tested Profit Generation Marketing strategies are going to let you run rings around your competitors by posting record cash flow levels.

    Reactivate, reactivate, reactivate...

    Winning back your inactive customers or clients is a strategic cash flow module which is another almost always overlooked strategic marketing system.

    There Are Only 3 Ways to Grow
    Any Business or Profession

    And I will share them with you in a minute... in the meantime...

    Are you even aware which of your past customers did business with you in 2005 and 2006 but, did not patronize your business in 2007? Later on I will tell you how to reactivate them.

    If you are like 9 out of 10 business owners...the answer is no and shame on you. Let me give you the reason why.

    As an example, let's say you have 600 customers or clients and in the year 2007, 180 of them did not buy anything. THAT's 30% of your customers.

    Let me share with you this irony. When I ask business owners what is the 'Most Important' goal they want me to help them reach over the next 12 months with our Profit Generation Marketing System, almost all say, "I want more customers"...

    Back to the only 3 ways to grow your business.

    1. You can add more customers
    2. You can increase the average amount of money your customers spend with you and
    3. You can increase the frequency of your customers visits.

    Remember, adding more customers is the number one request by far, for most business owners.

    Again, let me repeat... of the 3 ways to grow a business, this is the most expensive, slowest and most difficult method of building your business and increasing your cash flow.

    I want you to meditate on the above paragraph because understanding it will allow you to out-smart and out-profit-generate your competition.

    I am willing to bet that almost none of your competitors pays attention to their customer/client attrition which can easily be remedied with a "Post Purchase Assurance System".

    Just simply call your customers after they visit/purchase and ask if they are satisfied.

    By the way answer this question...who else does this...the answer is nobody. This one no cost cash flow generating application will almost certainly differentiate you from your competition.

    This may require mule headed determination but, every single client/patient should be called a few days to a week after their visit and asked the question..."was your minimal expectation met?"

    Please note that the "Post Purchase Assurance System" is one of 413 cash flow explosion applications within our Profit Generation Marketing System:Which Includes 8 Tested Modules to Increase Cash Flow, Conversions, Performance and Sales.

    You can also easily and cheaply send a birthday card, a Valentine's Day card and a New Year's greeting card. The point is to communicate with your customer throughout the year and you will be surprised at how your attrition will be significantly lowered.

    Pay attention here because another little known 10 star multi-million dollar tip is about to be revealed.

    You Can Accelerate Your Business Growth By Merely Stopping Customer Attrition

    The business mentioned above suffers from a 30 percent attrition rate. And even if they have a powerful marketing system in place to add a 10 percent increase in customers (that would be 60 new customers),...

    Simple math reveals that if you add 60 customers but, you lose 180, the momentum of your business is going the wrong way. Having 180 inactive customers(attrition) while adding 60 customers leads to the loss of 120 customers.

    Can you see how their cash flow would be affected? Does this strategy make sense to you now? Good...because with this level of attrition and inattention to current customers, this business will probably be out of business in 3-5 years.

    Having a deliberate and intentional "Post Purchase" and communication marketing system geared toward your current customers, can boost your profits massively.

    Beginning this week, assign someone the task of re-contacting the customers you didn't hear from in 2010.

    Apologize for being indifferent. Apologize in advance if your business did something to make them unhappy and throw in a significant discount if they will give you another chance. And then let them know how much you value them, and how much you miss them.

    And yes...I have a reactivation letter you can send to past clients/patients. This letter when coupled with a phone call has amazingly seen reactivation rates of 30% to 50%.